Thursday, May 25, 2006

So much to tell...

so little (non-work) computer time!!!

I'm constantly thinking of great blog titles -- "uh-oh,", "she started it," "bye bye baby bed," d@mn allergies, dumb weather ... oops; I guess I started to vent, but you can guess that our home is rarely dull these days. I thought I would quickly send out a quick update before we go away for Memorial Day weekend. I'll try to post some photos tonight from home -- but no promises.

Yes, Nessa's first completely distinct word other than "ma ma" and "da da" is "uh-oh!" She came out with it yesterday in the car and it has been clearly repeated many many times since then. We've often thought we've heard other words, but this is the first word that even a stranger would recognize AND she repeats over and over. :-)

Nessa is also very, very close to taking off walking on her own. She has been walking with assistance or around furniture for quite awhile and would stand on her own for over a minute but really didn't seem interested in taking steps on her own until yesterday. Now she will move one foot forward and then sort of lean into her destination. She is still extremely fast on her hands and knees though so it will be interesting to watch the transition from crawling to walking as an actual way to get around. I'm actually looking forward to not having to worry about her poor little knees getting all red as she crawls around with bare legs. And I'll finally be able to let her wear all those dresses hanging in her closet on a regular basis!!!!

Nessa is also discovering more and more fun ways to play with her toys and interact with us and the rest of the world. We're delighted daily as we watch her play and learn. Much to Shawn's delight her current favorites include trucks and tractors (Shawn thinks the boys at day care have been a great influence in that regard) and she loves to push them all around the living room. Nessa also loves all of the animals in her farm and Noah's ark toys and currently loves to line up the animals on the window sill -- too cute.

Another change for Nessa will be saying goodbye to the Amby baby bed -- at nearly 14 months of use we certainly aren't rushing things. :-) It has been great and we love it, but Nessa is starting to use it like a trampoline (sitting not standing though!)when she decides she's not tired -- usually before sleep not after!!! And I often find her head at the bottom of the hammock rather than the top when I go in to check on her before I go to bed. I just hope the transition doesn't mean she'll wake up more at night for awhile!

Megan has been hard at work with the end of school activities (music concert tonight!), playing outside when the weather is nice, and working on her vision therapy exercises. Much to our surprise, we also heard her utter "she started it" the other day in response to my reprimand of Megen and Nessa playing a game at dinner consisting of making faces at each other and sticking out tongues -- yes, at dinner. Why did I think that a seven year age difference would prevent such comments?! Silly me!

Megan is excited about summer while I keep wondering what happened to Spring.

And now I'm wondering where the time went this morning ... so it's time to get this published ... stay tuned for photos and more updates as time permits. :-) (Hint, the more feedback I get from loyal readers the more inspired I'll be to post.)


jonesy said...

Never fear, Tami, I stalk you daily!

I had to laugh at your 'she started it' story... pretty good they will be fighting over cup colors, special spoons, who gets to sit in the front seat (OK maybe not that one for awhile)....

Anonymous said...

Please, oh please! More pictures and stories. I love to visit and keep up with the news of your family.