Monday, May 08, 2006

Look at Nessa go!

We love watching Nessa use her walking toy(s) and it's especially cute when she takes her favorite toys for walk.

The first picture is from last week and the other three are from this morning. Nessa used to only walk behind something if we encouraged her to, but now she frequently finds her "walking buggy" and goes for a stroll. She still needs help turning around but otherwise is really taking off while walking like this. Of course she's still much faster crawling on her hands and knees and has even learned to take a few toys with her while crawling. Since she's so mobile anyway I'm hoping she masters walking soon just so I don't have to worry about carpet burn on her knees anymore and can dress her in shorts this summer. :-)

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Anonymous said...

So cute! It is amazing how quickly they progress. Soon you'll wonder when she learned to take the corners so fast!