Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The new Monday night routine

So much for snappy titles (sorry Shawn)...

Monday nights used sometimes consist of a Yoga class (if I was lucky) along with a family supper, homework time with Megan and stories before bedtime if we succeeded at time management. As of last week we had to add an additional task to the list -- getting Nessa's bag ready for daycare and Tami organized for the next day.

Last Tuesday, April 4, I started a new, part-time job as a technical writer at La Crosse Management Systems (LMS). LMS is a small software company in downtown La Crosse with only one other (full time) technical writer. It's exactly the kind of company I have missed working for in recent years which is why I was attracted to the position while casually job searching for something part time to get out of the house and earn a little money to put toward travel and other expenses.

I work 20 hours a week and currently those 20 hours are done Tuesday through Friday starting at 7:30 or 7:45 a.m. as Megan's schedule allows. It has been even more of a transition than I expected so I'm reserving any real comments for another month or so as we all continue to transition to our new schedule. My time at work has always gone by very quickly though so I take that as a good sign that the place is, at the very least, interesting.

And a public thank you to my wonderful husband for keeping this blog interesting this past week (I still can only say WOW to his wonderful post 'To my daughter...' ... either that or get leaky eyes with sweet happiness) and a huge thank you for helping me and our family with this transition!!! Shawn, my love, I couldn't do it without you!

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