Sunday, April 16, 2006

Bright eyes and on the move

I thought it was time we took some more pictures of Nessa this week (this was Wednesday)and since Shawn was home with her in the morning he attempted to take some first and then I managed to get a few more later that afternoon (I wanted a nice one of her in this outfit). While trying to get the photos Shawn learned that Nessa doesn't really understand the "still" part of still photography!

I finally got Nessa to hold still for a minute by giving her blanket to her. I then was trying to quickly snap the photo before she moved and got a bit close, but I still like it.

Unfortunately we can't even come close to sharing Nessa's best moments. There are so many sweet, funny, giggly, sly, cute or just plain adorable looks that Nessa has as she interacts with us that we're never able to capture on film. Nessa's personality continues to emerge as she becomes more and more expressive -- and most of it is good. :-)

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