Monday, April 03, 2006


Shawn here. Although there are many wonderful things associated with Nessa turning one, the one that I've been most eagerly anticipating was turning her car seat around so that she faces forward. I did it Saturday night after we were sure Nessa was home for good, so that it would be all set for Sunday morning. At last--no more car seat digging into my shoulder when I twist in the driver's seat! I can put my arm behind the passenger seat again when backing up! The only bad thing is that, since we moved the car seat from the middle of the back seat to behind the driver's seat, I can no longer see my little girl without moving the mirror, since she tends to lean toward the door when she's just sitting there.

Nessa seems to like the change as well. The sun isn't in her eyes nearly as much any more, and now she can see where we're going as she rides along. I'm sure Megan appreciates the extra room as well. It takes away a convenient space to stash the diaper bag and other items for short trips, but I'm sure we'll adjust to that very quickly.

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