Friday, July 25, 2008

Home Sweet Home

OK, a few of you may be thinking that we got lost on our way south. No, we made it home from Walker in a very timely manner last Saturday. Then we spent Sunday basically recovering from the drive and unpacking a bit (I couldn't just say unpacking because *I* still have a suitcase in the bedroom). Then the week started, and here it is Friday already!

Megan came home Monday afternoon, and she needed a little recovery time too. Monday night Megan showed me all the fun stuff she found or purchased while in Washington and Oregon, and we also watched all of the video she took with the Flip camera (SOME of it will be posted later). Megan had SO much fun I can't even begin to express it here. I'm glad she was able to go on this trip and I was even more happy to have her home again (that's a mom thing). :-)

We did get back into the swing of things this week though with going to band lessons (stay tuned for an update on that), going to Wednesday night Yoga (Megan and Mom), and Shawn going to game night as well as a movie with friends. And of course how could we forget work. Tami returned to meetings and more meetings as well as more deadline work, and Shawn returned to a week of Java training.

My nights were spent soaking up time with my girls and attempting to catch up on my sleep. At least some after-bedtime time the next couple of weeks will be spent working with photos and blog entries ...

... of course there are a couple of big events coming up too ;-)

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