Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beautiful Beets!

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Yes, those are beets. They are from our CSA box. I think they are the most beautiful beets I've ever seen. Not that I'm a beet expert or anything (I can't even remember the name of this variety). They also made WONDERFUL beet fries (seriously, sweet!).

Has anyone noticed all of the food photos on our flickr stream? Well, besides being seriously overjoyed by pure food lately, I'm adding those photos in case I ever get time to start a food blog. Stop laughing. I might find/make time! Oh, you're laughing about me in the kitchen ... well, that can happen too. Regaining my health (slowly but seriously) and discovering new ways to eat my veggies (and fruits too) is bringing so much joy that I'm going to have to share it soon. Shawn is probably a wee bit tired of me dancing around the kitchen and talking about my beautiful greens (I never knew fresh Chard and Basil were so gorgeous before!)

For now, maybe you can be inspired by the pics (ask you if you want to know what something is before I get around to labeling items).

Eat Well. Be Happy!


Anonymous said...

What is your CSA box?

Tami of BrooksGroth said...

Googling the term "CSA box" gives you this as the first hit:

It's an excellent description.

The have a search function for CSA farms, and I found ours there. I should have mentioned that our CSA box comes from Old Oak Family Farm. We choose them because they are certified organic and because of the wide variety of fruits, veggies, herbs, and GREENS that they provide.