Thursday, February 07, 2008

A quick break on a beautiful winter day

I'm working a full day at work today (versus working anywhere my laptop will open), and here I spend my time in an inner cube -- no windows, etc. Today, I needed to get to the outside world -- the real outside world, not the online one. So, I just took a quick break and walked a few blocks, peaked my head into a downtown La Crosse store, did a bit of quick window shopping, and stopped in my favorite downtown place for an indulgent hot beverage. It was a wonderful break made even more wonderful by how genuinely refreshing being outside was.

Yes, it is a beautiful winter day here.

When I came back to my desk I had to check the current temp, and was shocked to see it's only 22 degrees --- but it is bright and sunny with no wind, so yes, a beautiful winter day. I truly wish we had more days like this. Walking and taking deep breaths was so wonderful. It was just the relaxation and rejuvenation I needed today.

And I have to admit I didn't even feel guilty at my enjoyment ... even though I have friends just a bit south of here that were hit hard with another snow storm last night (yeah, it missed us this time!). :-)

Other smiles were brought to me recently by the most thoughtful supportive husband in the world (and with just the right amount of mischief for added laughter and smiles), and my daughters who yesterday were more sweet than sour even though we required them to sit through an evening Ash Wednesday church service.

Now, back to work...

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Janeen said...

Yeah, you definitely missed the big storm. We got hit hard here in Beaver Dam. We ended up with a whopping 17 inches of snow! I was shocked. I'll have to post pictures of Natalie outside in it later. John wouldn't do what I wanted him to do though and put her IN the snow and get a picture of that. At 17 inches, that would be halfway up her body. lol