Friday, July 20, 2007

Off to Northfield tonight

I want at least one "on time" update post this summer. :-)

"So where are you going THIS weekend?" A perfectly reasonable question we decided when it was asked, so here's an answer.

So, after a busy week of work, summer school, ICAN meeting, and trying to figure out what's for supper each night, we're off to Northfield tonight. Tomorrow we are having pictures taken of all of the Groth cousins (should be interesting!) and then we're not really sure what we'll do as it will depend on the timing, kids' moods, and my exhaustion level.

Likely the weekend will include some working for me as well (thank goodness that only means having my laptop with me now) as I have lots to do for work ... that was true anyway but our small company was recently acquired by another company -- but don't panic as I think it will be a good think long term but as always change is hard ... I'll give a real update once a press release is posted online but our company name and identity is NOT going away and we were understaffed to begin with so everyone's job is safe and hoping to hire soon. Oh, technically, I'm still part time but I'm not sure that will be the case much longer and that would have been true regardless of who owned the company. :-)

We will be home Saturday night some time and hope to just spend some family relaxing time between chores on Sunday as well.

The big news up for next week is that Megan will be getting ready for her big vacation she is taking with Grandma and Grandpa Groth. :-)

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