Sunday, July 15, 2007

Few pics from Megan's week in Cumberland

In June Megan spent a week at Grandma and Grandpa Groth's going to summer school (Aunt Ellen was the teacher -- how much better can it get?) and just generally having fun. Thanks to Ellen we have a few photos.

The trip to the circus included an elephant ride so here is Megan (and a few other people she knows) riding an elephant.

Megan keeps telling me she could live on the lake in the summer. The lake here is Sand Lake in Cumberland (just down the back yard hill at Grandma and Granpa's ... how convenient). Megan is learning to really love to ride on the inner tube (can you call it that when there are seat backs?) and I'm hoping soon she'll decide to try to water ski. Below are a few pics of Megan (and other) "on the tube."


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Birdwell said...

Tami--those elephant pictures are awesome--my son would been over the moon being able to ride an Elephant--Meghan sure is lucky!

Thank you so much for linking my blog in your side bar. Believe it or not I believe you are the first to do so in all the years(7) that I have been blogging---you rock!