Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Groth cousin pictures

Here is the website for the photos we had taken of the Groth cousins (and a few with/of Grandpa and Grandma Groth too).


I'll have to get one of the first photos of the shoot just to have to tell the story of how Nessa didn't want to stand there and we finally resorted to bribery (ice cream) to get her to stand there.

In general the photos went smoother than expected, but the troublesome girl was definitely our Nessa. After our experience this Monday trying to take photos just of her and Megan, we've decided she's the ultimate photographer challenge and we should offer her services to newbies.

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Simply Janeen said...

Those pictures are just SO cute! Natalie is a hard girl to get pictures of too. I think she takes after me (invest in a puppy now!) lol There are a couple of stories how I had a big fit or two before getting pictures done and the only way was to hold a puppy (I'm assuming not a real one though but I could be wrong) and this was at age three and four! Plus, I got a cut or something on my nose the day before pictures when I was 3. So yeah, I think we're looking at years of hard pictures for Natalie. lol We're actually going to Madison on August 3rd for pictures because there's a photographer who's looking for toddlers to take pictures of for her portfolio. This is a free session too! I thought that was pretty neat and she's giving us an extra half an hour to give Natalie time to warm up because I said she was very shy (and she is around strangers usually). I'm going to take some of her favorite toys with and see if that helps her open up. lol I'm taking her hat too because she likes putting hats on her head now too.