Friday, February 24, 2006

Nessa at play

Since we don't plan to figure out linking to video any time soon this is as good as it's going to get as far as seeing Nessa at play learning so many new things every day. (Well, it's amazing to us anyway.)

Within the last week Nessa has really been starting to imitate things we do with her toys and then experiment doing similar things with other toys. Here's a few examples.

Nessa loves to put her small balls in the center of her stacking rings.

Here she has simply taken the ball out again, but often, and sometimes for several minutes at a time, she'll then flip the ring up (reminds me of tiddly winks or something) and watch the ball go flying, then she'll crawl after the ball and start all over. Nessa has also experimented with the various stacking rings and realizes that if the ring is too big the ball (or other object) will go right through the middle -- this, of course, means that she cannot make the ball fly through the air.

Here Nessa puts one of her small wooden blocks in the middle of the ring.

And here, the purple ball is now in one of the stacking cups.

And then it's time to take it out of the cup and find another place to put it...

Speaking of stacking rings and cups, Nessa loves these toys -- that is, she loves to do anything with the BUT stack them. In fact if one of us stacks them up, she will **immediately** unstack them and scatter them appropriately around the room!

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Anonymous said...

What a little smartie! It won't be long until she is trashing every inch of your house.