Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I love my Ergo and baby wearing poncho

And Nessa seems to really like it too!

The Ergo and my hotsling are the only two carriers I use any more. (The hotsling is the pouch carrier Nessa is in as an infant in the small photo on the corner of our blog.) Nessa made her preferences known when I did try other carriers (no hanging from the crotch or extra straps for her!) and, of course, my own comfort was important!

You can view more about these carriers at:

Shawn has also used both of these carriers, but I use them on a daily basis and have been waiting for a chance to brag up the Ergo ever since we got it last fall. And now that I've been enjoying my wonderful "babywearer" poncho I thought I better show it off!

I had Megan take these photos before we went on a walk yesterday afternoon. It was a sunny, warm winter day (well, it was in the 30s) and the poncho and a few well-selected layers kept Nessa and I more than warm.

Nessa was ready for a nap and she was still happy to be "bounced into the Ergo" and go outside for a walk. I thought she would nap on the walk, but she decided to stay awake the entire time! (Stinker!)

A friend of mine helped me make this wonderful poncho that lets me keep Nessa and I both warm while we're outside and solves the problem of trying to fit the carrier over my bulky clothes and also fit Nessa into the carrier in her bulky clothes. The wonderful soft and cuddly wool yarn we used is a bonus as the poncho's so cuddly that I've even worn it while snuggled up watching the Olympics on these cool evenings!

Thank you Misha -- you're the best!!! Nessa and I LOVE our poncho. :-)

You can find out more about the pattern to knit the babywearer at:

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jonesy said...

Oh, I LOVE your poncho. Very chic. You guys should go into business! I'm sure Hollywood would be all over that!