Sunday, August 24, 2008

We're Shaken Up, But OK

Tami, Nessa and I were in an accident on I-90 between La Crosse and Rochester this afternoon (Sunday). We were on our way to Northfield to pick up Megan from her shopping weekend with Tami's sister Ellen.

We think everyone is basically OK, but now that the adrenaline and emotions have worn off, Tami and I have enough minor issues that all three of us are going into the doctor and chiropractor tomorrow to be checked.

Our van was damaged enough to need a tow. It was towed to St. Charles, MN, where Tami's brother Scott picked us up. We met Megan and Ellen at Scott's house in Rochester, where we had supper. I was able to rent a car at the Rochester airport, and we got back home around 9:30 PM.

We'll post more as warranted, but for now know that we're safe at home, with no major injuries that we know of. Please keep us, and the family in the other car, in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are all okay; best wishes for speedy healing for all concerned. --Gayle

Rachel said...

Glad you are ok.

Tami of BrooksGroth said...

Thank you both. We're still kind of in shock. Nessa hasn't let go of the teddy bear that the ambulance personnel gave her, and seems fine. We're going in today just to be sure but I'm quite certain everything is just healing bruises. Nessa woke up several times last night crying and we were hyper-vigilant so we're more than tired today. I hope that doesn't continue nightly.

Not the way we would have ever wanted to make the news, but here is the Post Bulletin link
(the other family is from Rochester, and as precaution they were taken in including the woman being air lifted; everyone said they should be fine, please pray they are right.)

And here is the kttc link :-(

Mostly the video shows mayo one and backed up cars, but towards the end they show a shot of the front of our van and you can see the point of impact (front driver's side).

Janeen said...

Oh wow! Haven't checked blogs lately so I'm just seeing this now! Glad to hear everyone is okay though! I've never been in an accident but I hear they can be pretty scary! YIKES! And poor Nessa, that had to be scary for her too!