Friday, August 01, 2008


I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile, but the pictures and Tami’s comment on them make this the perfect time.

I just want to echo Tami’s comments about what a wonderful young lady Megan has become. She has matured so much in the last year in every way. Here are just a few of the things I love about Megan:

She is a wonderful big sister, and Nessa adores her. Nessa gets excited every time Megan returns to our house, and sad when Megan goes away. Getting to go into Megan’s room and play with Megan’s stuff is the coolest thing life has to offer Nessa right now, and Megan allows that on a regular basis. She also reads to Nessa and plays with her, getting goofy and giggly and matching Nessa’s energy level in a way that Mom and Dad rarely manage.

She is becoming more and more self-confident. She handles herself well in a wide variety of situations. Hand-in-hand with this comes a great degree of politeness and emotional maturity.

As Tami mentioned, a Megan smile is truly a joy to behold. It lights up her face and makes her radiant.

She puts up with my attempts at humor, and some of them even get genuine laughs.

Megan is probably going to be somewhat uncomfortable with what I’m about to write, and I’m sorry for that. I hope someday that will change. But I want everyone to know that I couldn’t be more proud of her if she were my own daughter. I’m glad she’s part of our family, and I love her.

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