Sunday, May 04, 2008

Celiac Journey: Just Part of Life Now

Just a quick update...

We've been gluten free at home for about two weeks now and it's going really well. In addition to Nessa being totally gluten free, Tami is also eating totally gluten free while Shawn only eats gluten free while at home. Tami is certainly noticing digestive improvements, and we think we see improvements in Nessa as well.

There is still a bit of a learning curve, but a lot of the label checking and looking up products is becoming second nature to all of us. It also helps that Nessa is understanding that she can't eat everything that her friends and others eat, and it doesn't seem to bother her when she has to have her own special foods.

This weekend showed us that we could continue to eat gluten free at both work and family parties. Saturday I had a great experience during our annual Mom/sister day out when we had lunch at Michael's in Rochester and the server handed me a gluten free menu and assisted me in making good choices (even a great sorbet for dessert!). Then Sat. night I had a work party at the La Crosse Yacht Club (Huck Finn's) and all it took was a quick phone call a couple of days earlier to be sure they could give me a safe meal, and they did, and it was delicious. Today we combined a few of our one special gluten free foods with the fun potluck picnic foods at the farm and Nessa was thrilled and we were all full.

The hardest part has been educating others. I'll need to get better at carrying brochures of information with me for the times I'm tired of explaining everything in a positive way. I am really positive about it because it's not that hard, very doable, and I'll just be so glad if this is really the answer that we've found out early.

As the post title says, it's just part of life now. And those that love us can show us by taking the time to read, ask questions, and most of all by helping to keep us safe by helping to keep our environment and food safe, including gluten free foods.

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