Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm Officially Daddy

Shawn here. Yesterday morning, as I was getting her dressed, Nessa looked up at me and said "Daddy!". She has repeated it several times since then, so it wasn't a fluke--I'm now officially "Daddy" instead of "Dada".

This is all part of the language explosion currently happening at our house. It seems like Nessa says several new words every day, and sometimes two-word phrases show up as well. Last night, after pointing to "Megan", "Mama", and "Daddy", she even took a stab at saying "Nessa". We're not sure she's tried to say any of the cats' names yet, but we have heard something that sounds like "kitty cat" a few times--the "k" sound is still harder for her than softer consonants like "d" or "m".

Not everything she says becomes part of her regular vocabulary, but sometimes a word will disappear for days and then come back when we least expect it. That reminds us that she's always absorbing things, storing them away to try out later. She's a very observant little girl. She will now blow kisses on her own when Mommy or Daddy is leaving, or wave (and say) bye-bye, or both. She keeps picking up new signs as well, although those come and go like many of her words. It will be interesting to see how much Nessa says when we're together with Tami's family at Thanksgiving and Christmas, since she's still usually shy in crowds and noisy situations.

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