Monday, January 02, 2006

Want to see more photos?

I actually tried uploading more photos to the last two posts, but not all of them appeared in the final post. It's fast and easy to share a few photos here in the blog, but when it comes to sharing LOTS of photos other photo sharing sites are better.

My plan was to share the Creative memories site with you all since I uploaded 116 Christmas photos to that site and took the time to add comments to many of them ... but then I discovered that you need to sign up in order to look at those shared photos, so while I'll still share the link for these photos, I won't be using their site for this in the future. Those not wanting to join anyplace to see more photos, I've also included a link to Shutterfly where you can look at Christmas morning photos plus a few others from the holidays.

The Creative Memories link is: (copy and paste if clicking doesn't work). You do need to click for the larger photo and any comments (who's in the photos, etc. ... Available on about 1/3 of the photos)

The Shutterfly URL is:

You can also see various fall photos as well as a few Christmas photos on the Fotki site here: I don't believe there is any type of logon required at the Fotki site and as of right now they are a front runner for my new favorite online and print photo service. And hey, the site address is even short enough that I don't have to use tinyurl to shorten it! :-)

I imagine you can tell by now that I'm running a little experiment of sorts ... if you have any feedback on these or other online photo sharing AND photo printing sites, let me know. I'll let you know what I think after I get the prints back that I ordered from the various sites.

Happy New Year!!

P.S. More actual writing should be seen in this space soon. :-)

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