Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The official listing links!

I wanted to post this Monday but the activity on the house (and the rest of life) has continued to keep me busy!

So this is a nice link to use to see the shots of the house:

Or, you can see the original Trulia listing here:

Here is the Gerrard-Hoeschler site as well which is a good one to forward to people as you can easily request a showing via the online form :-)

There is an open house this Sunday April 3rd from 11 to 12:30!

and a bonus for pic for all of you --

From 2011-03-25

Nessa enjoying the new pillows she discovered in our bedroom!

As a reminder Shawn and I are both off of Facebook until Easter. This will show up as a note in both of our FB feeds. We will see comments via the emails we get but will not be replying via FB, so contact us privately or reply directly on the blog for any comments back from us please. Thank you for your support, thoughts and prayers this Spring and always!

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