Tuesday, September 15, 2009

O god, ... Now I pray

Tami here:

-- I felt led to let you in on my morning prayer and meditation time -- it's not something I generally share here and yet it is such a part of my life, and this particular Psalm is really speaking to me, and I am trying to listen.

I have been meditating with the Psalms/Now modern paraphrase translation of the Psalms by Leslie F. Brandt for several months now, and this week I have been reading Psalm 119 (Psalms Now link to Amazon)

Parts of Psalm 119
(paraphrase, emphasis mine)

Now I pray for the wisdom to discern your will
and the grace to carry it out
in the difficult days before me.
You have shown me how much you love me, Lord;
now show me how to love You.
Your standards for me are clear.
I am to translate Your love into terms
that others can comprehend,
to demonstrate it before my fellow beings.
I can truly love You only as I proceed
to love Your children in this world,
I can serve You only as I commit my life to service
on behalf of my brothers and sisters.
I can offer sacrifices to You only as
I sacrifice to meet my neighbor's need.
This is Your law and standard,
Your design and will for my life.
This is the way in which I will be pleasing to You.

I do love You, O God,
and Your will for me is the delight of my heart.
I have a sincere love for many people
who cross my path,
and I rejoice in the privilege of serving them.
And yet, O Lord, there are so many people
whom I do not love.
The demons of bigotry and apathy,
jealousy and selfishness,
plague my soul and numb my sensitivities.
They stay my hand from reaching out
to help others.
I sin against You when I sin against them,
and I need to be restored and renewed
by Your loving touch.

How I praise You, O Lord,
because You love me even when I fail
to respond in loving obedience!
Whereas I cannot comprehend You,
you do understand me,
and You continue to hold me
within Your loving embrace.
While I fall short of my sincere intentions
to abide within Your will for me,
Your promises are eternally secure,
and You tenderly and patiently
rekindle the fires within me and empower me
to do that which I cannot do by myself.

I love You, O God,
and I gladly accept Your will and purpose
for my life.
Now bless me and guide me
and grant me the grace
to walk within Your will and purpose
and have the joy of knowing
that I am pleasing to You.

To everyone reading, thank you, and thank you for your continued prayer for my discernment and clarity for all of us along our journey.
Love and belief,

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that, Tami, really.