Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This and that ... and the start of more posts

Tami here, and it's late and I should be in bed so I'm sure there will be some funny typos for your enjoyment (that is why we call the blog "Unedited Us" http://brooksgroth.blogspot.com/)

I am committed to writing a blog post a day this week, and I also hope to actually get pictures posted and some other housekeeping done around here, but it's late so I'm starting slowly. :-)

Since being home I've noticed that I've started using Facebook even more as a mini blog site about what is going on around me than before, and that means it is extra easy to neglect the blog, and I apologize to our loyal blog readers for that as I do want to keep this blog up for Friends, Family, and simply as a record to us. :-)

So here are a few tidbits:
  • Tonight was Megan's 5th grade music concert. I didn't get a decent picture, but it was a nice concert and reminded me of my own music concerts at that age. We were also treated to recorder music at the concert, and that is something I do not remember from my own concerts.
  • Megan also has a Spring band concert, and I'm looking forward to hearing the difference between how the 5th grade band sounded in the fall and how they sound now.
  • Megan went through Gun Safety training this early Spring. It was a lot of hard work, but she studied hard and did well. She was nervous on her field day, but did great just as I knew she would!
  • Megan has been sucked into the Twilight books so I'll probably read at least the first one sometime soon. Megan bought the first book with some of her Christmas gift cards, and she finished reading it quite quickly. She is now nearly finished with the 2nd book.
  • Megan has also been keeping busy with the goats and their kids at her Dad's house. We hear stories about the kids regularly, and it sounds like Megan is having great fun taking care of them.
  • Megan took a babysitting class in March and is now certified, so she's looking forward to babysitting more than just her sister. I think she is going to be a GREAT babysitter, and of course I'm not biased at all. ;-)
  • Nessa continues to amaze us with the things she says nearly daily -- from the complex thoughts about time, emotions, numbers and more to the "where did she hear that?" moments! :-)
  • Nessa is really enjoying the nicer weather and often requests to go running with me. So, we run up and down the streets nearby, and of course every run is a "Ready, Set, Go" race! It is a lot of fun and I'm just tickled when she sees me running and wants to go with.
  • Nessa is preparing to eat more popsicles than she every imagined -- if you missed it, she is having her tonsils removed Monday April 27th. We pursued an apt. with the ENT after her 4 year old apt. due to hear continued heavy breathing, snoring, restless sleep and more recently strange sleep cycles. The ENT didn't have to look very long to let us know that Nessa's tonsils were "impressive." So, while any surgery is nerve wracking we decided that it would be best to remove them in hopes to ease these symptoms as well as avoiding future infections. (I had my tonsils removed when I was 16, and this is another genetic thing she can thank me for.) we have our pre-op apt. tomorrow as well as a tour of the surgery area that they do for kids (Teddy bear program). I will post notes on this on Monday afternoon to update everyone.
  • Nessa is also preparing to no longer be in daycare -- maybe just for a bit while I job search, and maybe longer than a bit ... not trying to predict this one. But I've been using this week to catch up on some things as well as allowing a good transition to Nessa being home full time by working on a schedule for us to follow, complete with lots of outings and activities ... but not over scheduled, don't worry, that just isn't me. :-) It turns out that Nessa's week of recovery from her tonsilectomy will make a nice transition to her being home. Nessa hasn't yet questioned the change, but simply seems to be accepting it.
  • Although I haven't blogged about it yet, Nessa did have a nice birthday as well as a nice birthday party (and mom and dad survived the 6 little girls let loose with paint too). Nessa now tells you proudly that she is 4. She also tells us often that she dreams of being a grown up so she can "drink pop and eat popcorn" ... I suppose I should let the girl have popcorn sometime. ;-) oh, she thinks she can do these things when she is 13 because that is older than Megan.
  • Nessa still loves her princesses, especially Ariel, and especially Ariel with legs, is her unquestioned favorite but she will watch/listen to/ play with any of them. In fact my mom nicely made Nessa a Cinderella napkin and we had to request at least one more because that was the only cloth napkin (all we use) that Nessa would use ... she now has two to take turns using -- thanks Grandma Karen!!!!
Oh, my I'm running out of steam before getting to me, and I'm thinking Shawn might have to do his own updates. ;-)

Much of my focus right now is on sticking to my running training schedule. My first goal is a 15k in Rochester in May 2nd -- Yes, I'm running this before my mom's 60th birthday party at the farm that day, so if I'm tired by 8 p.m. at the party, that is why. Then I'll continue to run, but take about 6 weeks off of really pushing the training (faster, longer, harder each week) because I'll be participating in a deep tissue detox to continue to heal. Then I'll start really training for a half marathon this Oct. in Ashland, WI with my wonderful sisters -- goign to make it a great sisters weekend too!!

I'm also volunteering at Megan's school with the Great Books program that she was asked to participate in (I thought that was great -- I remember doing it as a kid), so I'm looking forward to that starting tomorrow.

And I can't forget my wonderful Monday night women's Bible Study group. I've been privleged to lead a few sessions this year which has really helped me use all the Bibles (different versions) we're blessed to own now as well as helping me make all kinds of new discoveries as I read and research ... and best of all the actual meetings. We had a fun outing this past Monday where we went out to eat before the event we were going to and I had fun introducing some to sushi for the first time ... and I was introduced to edamame for the first time (and I think I'm hoooked!). What a great group of women ... the time together has been a special blessing this Spring.

Well, I'm sure I have forgotten many things from just March and April, but it's a start. Shawn and I continue to be thankful for our many blessings, starting with each other and continueing with all of our family and friends.

May you too experience gratitude and blessings today and always ~


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