Tuesday, October 09, 2007

last week -- not such a great day

oh geez, I was so tempted to put "the good, bad and the ugly" or some such. Doesn't this look like a toddler mug picture? I'm so afraid of what somebody would think just seeing this. For the record she was at the doctor the day before this was taken (doctor last Tuesday 10/2; picture Wed. morning) because obviously (!) something was wrong.

Nessa woke up with a swollen eye Tuesday morning but not as swollen as in these pictures so we made an apt. for that afternoon with our regular family doctor. After nap time it was nearly swollen shut! Apparently eye infections can move really fast. It was diagnosed as an infection in the outer part of her eye (she had no other symptoms other than the swelling) and after a shot of antibiotics we were sent home to and told to keep a close eye on it in case it would get worse and go deeper into her eye. Thankfully it got better quickly!

I asked Shawn to take the picture Wednesday morning in the spirit of fully documenting childhood -- even the (thankfully few and brief) illnesses and not so great times. The picture looks even worse because now when Nessa tries to smile for the camera it pretty much comes out as a grimace and like she's clenching her teeth. Put that together with here eye and this is the result.

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Rachel said...

Poor kid! At least these pics will be fun to scrapbook!