Friday, December 02, 2005

8 months

of smiles and snuggles ...

Nessa is 8 months old today. Our lives are so much richer today than they were before Nessa Rose Brooks joined our family. We love watching her grow and express herself more each day.

I'll keep the updates short this month and simply say that Nessa has simply done more of the stuff she started last month and since practice makes perfect she's getting pretty good at it. :-)

Nessa roles and pivots all over the living room. She usually manages every direction except straight forward when she tries to move though so we're still waiting for actual crawling -- and that's okay with us.

She continues to eat more table food and is fond of her Os as well as chicken, pears, frozen bananas, and pumpkin pie.

Nessa is continually curious and more than a little cautious around other people so she often appears more sober when we're with others. Her smiles still light up our home and brighten our days frequently though.

Nessa , we love you!!!


Mel & Jo said...

Dear Cousin Nessa -

Happy Birthday!!!! I can't wait to meet you in a few weeks at Granpa Bob's and Grandma Jan's house :) I have my snowsuit ready to go, so the two of us will have to go outside and 'play' in the snow!!! Tell your sister and parents that I'm excited about meeting them too :)

(quickly closing in on my 6th month birthday and 17 pounds!)

jonesy said...

Gorgeous as usual! Happy Birthday Nessa dear!

Anonymous said...

Nessa your pictures are adorable and I love your smile!! I can tell your facing is changing and you are growing!! I love you.
See you soon, Aunt Ellen